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In a world of overspecialized, compartmentalized medicine, integrative health expert Kristin Grayce McGary brings a complete system — blood chemistry analysis, gut health tools, and a wealth of other modalities — to help patients experience full-spectrum wellness.

An accomplished integrative health practitioner with numerous licenses and certifications (LAc., MAc., CFMP®, CST-T, CLP), Kristin Grayce McGary knew from the age of two that she wanted to grow up and help people. Now, she draws upon more than two decades of education and wisdom, creating a uniquely individualized approach, while implementing practical tools to empower people in every aspect of their lives, often beginning with their physical health.

“I bridge the gap between Western medicine, functional medicine, Asian medicine, and your soul,” says Kristin Grayce. “I have developed a specialized skill of listening with my entire being so I’m able to assess the whole ecosystem of a person, which then informs how we work together by indicating which modalities, and in what order, are best for their entire being. I address the mind, body, and spirit of someone, empowering them to awaken to their highest version of themselves, remember their wholeness, and share their gifts with the world. I help people transmute pain and suffering into pleasure and freedom. I empower people to seriously level-up their health and their life.”

A Health and Lifestyle Alchemist

With mastery of nearly 25 different healing modalities, Kristin Grayce offers her patients a completely unique way of tapping into their individual needs.

“I teach you how to reconnect to and care for your body through nutrition, exercise, hydration, sleep, pleasure, and appropriate medical testing, like functional blood chemistry analysis,” she says. “I teach you how to care for your mind through meditation, embodiment practices, identifying and harmonizing subconscious blocks and old patterns, and by working with your use of language and body posture. I teach you to care for your soul through meditations, movement, creativity, sensuality, sound healing, deep soul inquiry, and much more. Everything I offer is individualized according to the present moment and what your unique body and soul show us.”

Kristin Grayce weaves decades of education together with compassion and wisdom to guide people back home to their higher selves. Sometimes she does this through lab analysis; other times she uses tools like advanced craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, neural therapy, or psychosomatic therapy.

“Most people learn one or two things and do them well,” says Kristin Grayce. “I joke about my work being one-stop wellness shopping because I offer such a special grouping of modalities. This unique synergy of healing practices allows my patients’ symptoms to resolve quickly and their lives to flourish! I can assess a comprehensive lab report in a very holistic way that can save your life, then I can guide you to release severe trauma that has haunted you for decades; next, I can inject a scar and help you resolve pain that you've had for years, followed by a sound healing with cacao ceremony, and then hold a grounded presence for you as you fully process and integrate this work. Some people cry, others laugh as they release, rebalance, and revitalize. It’s my unique ‘KGM Method.’ And I see it completely transform people’s lives again and again.”

Must-Read Books for Vibrant Health

Combining the best gut-healthy elements of primal, paleo, and ketogenic nutritional plans, Kristin Grayce offers a one-of-a-kind approach for optimal digestive health in her first book: “Holistic Keto for Gut Health: A Program for Resetting Your Metabolism” (January 7, 2020). She also details the right kind of lab tests needed for proper diagnosis of food sensitivities and autoimmune disorders and where to get them, helping readers overcome the ongoing misdiagnoses suffered by millions with gut problems and autoimmunity symptoms. Additionally, she provides a thorough list of supplements and foods for gut healing, delicious recipes that leave readers feeling satisfied and strong, and contemplative exercises to help them dive even deeper into healing.

Her second book is “Know Your Blood, Know Your Health: Prevent Disease and Enjoy Vibrant Health Through Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis” (April 7, 2020). Readers learn how to improve personal health and avoid disease through customized, functional, and individual blood test analysis. As Kristin Grayce explains, standard blood lab panels may come back “normal” even though people experience continuing symptoms of allergies, pain, headaches, fatigue, inflammation, depression, food cravings, PMS, or gas and bloating. This has to do with the conventional lab reference ranges being based more on illness than health. She explains the important distinction between functional reference ranges based on health and their conventional counterparts. She offers a roadmap that uses your unique blood chemistry to design a customized healthcare plan to optimize your health.

Customized Healing Retreats

One of the most powerful wellness tools Kristin Grayce offers is an exclusive healing retreat designed specifically around the patient. In these four- to five-day one-on-one VIP experiences, she builds a complete healing and rejuvenation schedule around her patient’s unique needs and goals. The results are life-changing, truly radical transformation and healing.

“Together,” she says, “we take all the different parts of your life — your body and thought patterns, your stressors, your symptoms, the food you eat, your relationships, blocks to thriving — and we create a new architecture of being that is the upgrade to your former way of being. We alchemize it all into gold, into something amazing, so you experience freedom and fulfillment, remembrance and wholeness.”

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