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Trouble Losing Weight?

Explore the top reasons people fail at weight loss, struggle with keeping a healthy weight, and feel stuck around food and health. No holds barred, she goes beyond just food and touches core issues: physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual.

“Body Positive” Is Only 10% of the Game

Celebrities like Lizzo may have caught your attention with her strong Body Positive movement, but what’s missing that can change your life forever? Kristin Grayce dives deep; loving the skin you’re in doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Let’s start at the beginning and take a look at a more comprehensive and positive approach to our body image and how it correlates to health.

Anti-Aging Made Simple

Are you concerned with looking and feeling older? Do you want to turn back the hands of time? Learn about Kristin Grayce’s top secrets to address aging from the inside out, from cutting-edge supplements and food, to exercise, sex, and even meditation.

5 Secrets to Vibrant Health

Do you have unresolved, nagging symptoms? Are you ready to level-up your health? Here are Kristin Grayce’s top secrets to achieving optimal health and wellness. Get a quicker handle on health problems, level up, and heal.

Autoimmunity, Your Gut, and Your Other Brain

The gut is the throne of immune function. The complex enteric nervous system (ENS) located in your gut is often referred to as the body’s “second brain”; it affects every aspect of your physical, emotional, and psychological health. If you’re alive on the planet today, your gut is under attack, and the epidemic of autoimmunity and autoimmune disease, cancer, and allergies in the world today is proof.

Pain; It Stinks, but Are You Really Listening to Your Body?

Your body speaks a unique language through symptoms and stress; are you listening? Kristin Grayce shares her breakthrough knowledge about pain, its origins, and how to eradicate it once and for all so you can live a vibrant life.

Gut Repair 101

The Functional Ketogenic Gut Repair Program is the exact opposite of a fad diet. It might be better and more accurate to call it the Functional Ketogenic Lifestyle, because this is about making an overall nutritional, lifestyle, and attitudinal change about your food and health.

Busting Myths About Carbs and Fat

To keep your brain healthy and to stay happy you should decrease grain-based carbohydrates and increase healthy fats. Kristin Grayce explains.

The Dangers of Dairy

Cow’s milk is excellent for baby cows, but not for humans. Consider this: Humans are the only animal species in existence that drinks another species’ milk. There are long-term degenerative health consequences because there’s a vast physiological difference between cows and humans. From immune dysregulation to bovine leukemia and bacteria, she covers it all.

The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Sugar

There is mounting evidence that sugar — not fat — is the leading cause of cardio­vascular disease, obesity, kidney disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry built on a product that destroys your body’s health — and you pay for it in more ways than one.

Food: The Foundation of Gut Repair

The goal of Functional Ketogenic Gut Repair plan is to eliminate dietary triggers that cause intestinal inflam­mation so that your body can repair itself, self-modulate immune function, and prevent, mediate, or halt health challenges such as autoimmune issues.

The Underpinnings of Every Health Issue, Exposed Here!

Our wealthy, industrialized Western society has the highest rate of chronic and degenerative diseases in the world; how can this be? Learn why and what you, as a consumer, can do about it.

Is It Really Mind Over Matter?

The scientific field of epigenetics has proven that what we eat, how we live, and our environment upregulate genes for either health or disease. Learn how your mind plays a huge role in your health and genetic expression.
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